AMVCA: Is this the end to one of Nollywood’s most Glamorous Awards?

The year 2013 witnessed a birth of something beautiful for NOLLYWOOD, or so we all thought, when MultiChoice started its industry programme, that assembles who is who in Africa to celebrate the dynamic culture and rich entertainment heritage in Africa. This award provides an opportunity to network and show to the world in Real Time the Avalanche of talents that Africa possess.

The principal sponsor Amstel Malt obviously added glamour and from the second edition, a car company started giving out cars to Winners of Trailblazers category. The event grew by the year and obviously was fast becoming the most popular Film award in Africa. Just when we believe that it is uhuru for Africa Filmmakers, it seems that we are back again to having AMAA and BON as two awards that still stand.

Last year, the fever that is currently rocking the award which is yet to be seen as prestigious, as most winners seem to fall below expectations of even the public year in, year out, started. We didn’t see much of Amstel Malt and the VIP tickets were for the first time sold for a hundred thousand Naira.

The cardinal question in everyone’s lips now is this the end of the road for AMVCA? If it is, then Nollywood has lost a very big platform that assembles them together and projects them in the best of the limelight everyone hopes. Nollywood has also lost what seems to have been marching the aura of Oscars in African continent. Nollywood has also lost what many people will describe as the dream of most African Filmmakers.

However, one can only hope and wish that it is not true. One can only wish that it is just a bit of business set back and that they will bounce back. As one of our sources said, the economy is generally bad in Nigeria and no one wants to throw money around, hence the pulling out of the sponsors.

We are also waiting patiently for the official statement from MultiChoice but while we wait. Let us also pray since we Nigerians are good at that in all matters.

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