British-Nigerian Born Actor John Boyega to invest over 25M Dollars in Nollywood

The Star Wars Hollywood Big boy has been in Nigeria for sometimes now. He has met virtually all the big players in the industry and intend to spend over next seven months travelling across the country to be able to create the kind of story he wants to invest in.

According to him, he is yet to see a writer who will translate his ideas into a screenplay, but hopes to find one before returning to base. Whole speaking to news men, he said that this is his first official visit to Nigeria and he is so happy the way Nollywood has transformed the lives of people positively in Nigeria.

The 26 year old also was quoted by an insider saying that he will be investing between 20M – 25M dollars to a film project that will see Hollywood and Nollywood collaborate to tell a compelling story. He has been so excited in this visit and hopes to achieve a lot with the industry he believes is not just thriving but dominating a large chunk of the global market.

John has been on a media tour promoting his latest Hollywood film Pacific Rim Uprising

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  1. He should be mindful of the bad eggs cause they sure will be after that money than getting his dream achieved.

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