Popular Nollywood comic actor John Okafor who is known by many as Mr Ibu recently revealed how he died for four days and resurrected after a voice commanded him to return to the land of the living.

Some weeks ago, it would be recalled that the actor was a topic of discussion in the social media after news broke that he was down with stroke, even when he later came out to dismiss the reports in a video he and his wife shared online.

According to Vanguard News, Mr Ibu has now disclosed that he had a life-threatening experience around December 2018 that almost banished him to the land of the dead. However, divine intervention was the saving grace that has kept him up until recent times.

The 57-year-old Nollywood star in his interview with Vanguard disclosed that he came under an attack that left him unconscious while attending an event in Anambra state. He said that the doctors at a near-by hospital in Nnewi confirmed him dead few hours later.

Mr Ibu also narrated that while he was dead for four days, he heard a mysterious voice which he believed to be from the heavenly realm, telling him to go back, as he immediately woke up in a hospital in Enugu.

An extract from the interview reads;

“On the morning of 24 December, I flew into Enugu to assemble my dancers and artistes before heading to Nnewi by road. When we landed Nnewi, I never knew that the people who had been in touch with me all this while were the enemies of my host. They were busy diverting my movement out of the appropriate place. And before I knew what was happening, I found myself in a hotel they claimed to have booked for me. While I was waiting for them there, I went to a quiet place to avoid creating a scene. I kept communicating with them until they arrival at the hotel.

“My P.A was the only person who was with me at that moment. But few minutes after he went downstairs to buy soft drink (because he said he was thirsty) two men dressed in white clothes walked up to me and immediately, I suspected they were the people I was waiting for. I stood up because I was lying down when they arrived. I looked at their faces and saw them smiling at me. I said to them ‘where are we heading to?’ Nobody replied me. I said okay, if you are my fans there’s no problem. Before I could finish speaking, a big blow landed on my nose and mouth.

“I passed out immediately, and later my lifeless body was lying on the floor while my spirit was hanging in the air. I was not standing on anything neither was I holding anything. I was seeing what the two men were doing to my body but they were not seeing me. I was surprised they were not seeing me where I was standing. My spirit was seeing them. They succeeded in putting life out of that body before they left the place. Meanwhile, one of the cleaners in the hotel saw what happened to me and raised an alarm before my P.A and other sympathizers rushed down to the place where my lifeless body was lying on the ground.

“They tried to revive me but to no avail. I was hearing what they were discussing, but they couldn’t see me. At a point, the owner of the hotel suggested that they should take my corpse to the mortuary but my boys refused. The following day, which was 25th of December, they moved my body to a nearby hospital in Nnewi where the doctor on duty confirmed me dead and advised my boys to deposit my corpse into the mortuary.

“My boys refused to adhere to the doctor’s advice. They moved my lifeless body to Enugu on the 26th of December. When we reached Enugu, they took me to one herbal hospital and the first doctor that examined my body confirmed that there was no life in me any longer. My boys did not give up.

“On 28 December after the doctors couldn’t revive me, while in the spiritual realm, a face like a masquerade was revealed and was smiling at me. It later disappeared before two hands appeared from the blue and commanded me to go back. Immediately, I woke up , and everybody took to their heels. When I woke up I could neither walk nor talk again. It was obvious that something happened to me.

“On the 30th of December, my wife arrived Enugu and when she saw me she started crying, while I was laughing. At a point, she started playing with me. She held my hand and was teaching me how to walk again.”

The popular actor finally revealed that he has fully recovered and also expressed appreciation to The Creator, who has helped him prevail over his enemies.

“But I thank God that the will of my enemies did not prevail against my life. They couldn’t kill me because God knows I didn’t offend anybody,” he said.

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