DGN Partners with Braniz and Lloyds International for one of a kind AFRICA CREATIVE SUMMIT 

The President of Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN), the apex umbrella body that houses all Film, Television and Theatre Directors in Nigeria, Mr. Fred Amata unveiled a plan to partner with Braniz and Lloyds International, an Ireland based Entertainment and Consultancy firm to deliver one of its kind Africa Creative Summit that will encompass all sectors in the Creative Industry in Nigeria. 

Speaking to Journalists during a press conference, Mr. Fred Amata said “As a country, believed to be the giant of Africa and the most populous with a population of over 180 million, filled with rich cultural heritage, diverse languages and traditions; Nigeria is positioned to be a leader & role model to other African countries.
Being one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, Nigeria continues to draw the attention of investors globally and is seen as a golden beach of investment opportunities. Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and China continue to invest heavily and are aggressively vying for business within various sectors in the country. Nigeria’s entertainment industry has been growing steadily for the past 18 years with the estimated revenue exceeding $12 Billion a year. Majority of the top business leaders believe that the sector is performing far better than ever and remain very positive about the prospects for the future”.

He went further to say that “Nigeria also remains one of the most captivating places in the world to convey stories. Though the film industry is steadily growing, there are still a lot of areas, talents and doors to be unlocked.

One of the main constraints is the quality of technical and creative training in the industry. This has resulted in a lack of depth and breadth which is essential to capitalize on continental and global opportunities”.

The President noted that “in view of the above, Braniz & Lloyds International has decided to convene the Africa Creative Summit in Nigeria 2018 as a NOLLYWOOD Collaborative effort in Partnership with the Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN); The Kaduna State Government, CAVS (the most substantial audiovisual service in Ireland); with the objective of enhancing cooperation between foreign technical experts and home grown Nigerian creative individuals/professionals. This session is unprecedented and will be the first creative forum of its kind in the country. We will focus on developing economic and technical creative side of entertainment relationships within industry. The Summit intends to foster strategic alliances and solid business partnerships between relevant businesses from around the globe. We will be addressing this constraint by having workshops and speakers which focuses on the technicalities of Film, Television, Audiovisual, Music, Radio, Entertainment Law and Creative investment. 

On those who will be instructors on the Summit, Mr. Amata said that “Workshops and speakers will be delivered by top players in this field who will be able to provide practical knowledge and skills as well as valuable insights into how we can go about ensuring improvements in the Nigerian Creative   industry”.
He concluded by saying “I therefore like to welcome you all on board a new phase of the African creativity and ask you all to plug-in and CHANGE THE NOLLYWOOD Narrative. It is time we take over the Global Creative Space, from Concept to Production to exploration of the entertainment content of Nigerian origin”.

Some of the persons that were present at the press briefing include, Mr. Fred Amata (President, DGN, Mr. Uche Agbo Acting National Secretary of Directors Guild of Nigeria, Mr. Tony Akposhiri, The Financial Secretary of DGN,  Don Pedro Obaseki, An Industry Stakeholder and Principal Consultant of the Project, and Ms. Brienze Lawrence, CEO of Brienze and Lloyds International) 



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