Did God actually Call in “God Calling” – A Movie Review


After seeing the movie God Calling a faith based film in Cinema yesterday, I came to a conclusion that Nigerian films are on the path to greater glory like Christians will say. Some parts in the movie, especially the ones that have to do with falling off 3rd Mainland Bridge into the River were shot in Green Screen and it made lots of sense.

God Calling tells a story of a lady who is called to serve God but doesn’t feel like, because she is into drugs and has a father who gives her and her husband all the money they desire. However, tragedy stuck when her only child, died in a home fire accident, partly caused by her not paying attention to her daughter. The death creates a very huge vacuum for her and she attempts committing suicide, it is therein that she is literally touched by Jesus. She subsequently followed her calling.

The movie is a great piece of art, regardless of its faith based theme. It started slow in pace but picked up half way into the film. I like the fact that the director explored every dramatic element neccessary to convey the message without making it too religious. He is able to carefully wave professional film telling techniques into religious teaching.

The acting is great, in fact I particularly love Zainab Balogun for her beautiful interpretation. She nailed it. You could connect with the emotions and the trauma of a lady who lost herself and seeking to find who truly she is, after loosing her daughter. Nkem Owoh, Onyeka Onwenu and of course Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) are other Veterans that featured and they delivered the roles with ease.

Technically, God Calling is a beautiful piece of art. At first I felt that God actually calling someone on her cellphone was just too much an exaggeration, but on a second thought, I felt that the director could have used that as a Metaphor, or symbol, to drive home his concept. So I feel that can fly. However, I think the use of sound amplifiers in some places where the director perphaps wanted to create emphasis didn’t come out well, it just corroborated the old order of presenting spiritual ideas.

The movie also presented Jesus to be black. We see lots of a black actor who played Jesus in the movie. This to me is commendable and pushes the narrative that Jesus could also be back.

On the plotting, I really didn’t understand the sub-theme through out the entire story. The sub-plot shows a breeding tension between Nkem Owoh’s character and his in-laws. I don’t think it was well explained. In fact, after the settlement, one is still left to ask, what really is the problem. Could it be fight for cultural supremacy?

Well, aside the normal Nollywood slow pace of actions in drama, the movie is worth a watch. The Effects were properly done and you will enjoy it. If you are a Christian, the movie God Calling will remind you a lot about your belief and how God makes us all, come to our senses, when we stray away, but if you are not a Christian or don’t even believe in God, you will still enjoy a beautiful cinema work.

It’s recommended.

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