Don’t Sell your Body to get Film Roles – Joke Silva Advises

Nollywood veteran actress, Joke Silva agreed to the fact that there are horrific stories of sex demand in Nollywood.

She said this while answering questions from newsmen after the launch of ‘Disowned’, a book by Nina Anyianuka about sexual abuse and harassment, at the Terra Kulture in Lagos.

The 56-year-old screen goddess said that the pressure on young actress to offer sexual favours is very high.
“Unfortunately, the casting couch issue is alive in Nollywood” she said.

“Sometimes, there’s this hunger to get the work. Maybe you’ve gone to several auditions and you haven’t gotten the work, then somebody tells you that it is because you’re not doing what you should do that is why you’re not getting the work.

“What I say to them is don’t believe. By the time the producer, director, production manager or whoever insists on sleeping with you, it is very likely you will end up not getting the work.

“Some of the sad stories we hear is that because some people are so desperate, they end up getting passed around”.

Giving an equivalence to entrepreneurs, Joke Silva said up and coming actresses should not compromise their dignity to get by.

“There is no need for that” she said. As an entrepreneur, you go round looking for money and you’re probably going to get several noes before you get your yes.

“It’s the same with auditions. You must keep your dignity. Find something else to keep body and soul together.
“That is why you hear abroad people wait tables or work in restaurants because they need something to keep body and soul together until that break happens.

“You should be proud as long as you are earning honest money. If possible, train yourself in audition skills”.

She also said that having more women in power when it comes to Nollywood, could help to absorb the tide.

“We need more women producers, more women script writers and more women stories so that we can then absorb a lot of women in the industry” she concluded.

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