Exclusive Chat with Emma Eyaba, Abuja Based Filmmaker and Convener of UNLEASH UR CREATIVITY

We had an exclusive chat with the ever busy Emmanuel Eyaba the convener of Unleash Your Creativity project in Abuja and he opened up more on what the youth empowerment program is all about. Read the excerpt from the interview

NI: What is UUC all about?

Emma: Unleash Ur Creativity is a filmmaking capacity program designed to empower the African youths through filmmaking. We camp young filmmakers and bring in professionals to mentor and tutor them for two weeks. They are now split into groups to make films and the best group is empowered the produce a big budget film there by make this young filmmakers celebrities.

NI: What are the process of registration

Emma: Young filmmakers are always selected through open zonal auditions to select young filmmakers who are already your filmmakers but lack the platform to perform.

NI: Who is behind the vision?

Emma: The brain behind the vision is Emmanuel Eyaba a Nollywood Filmmaker and member Directors Guild of Nigeria. He is a producer and Director and the MD/CEO 2ET Media Network. He is also the President and Founder Emmanuel Eyaba Foundation

NI: How many editions so far have you done this program?

Emma: Between 2015 and 2017, we have had 2 successful editions. The 3rd edition comes up from the 9th to 23rd of February, 2018. Here in the city of Abuja.

NI: Tell us about the instructors in the upcoming edition

Emma: The instructors are top professional film makers from the Directors Guild of Nigeria.

NI: What does the initiative intend to achieve in this empowerment PROJECT?

Emma: The idea is discover and train new crop of film makers for Nollywood. We select and train acts from when a story is conceptualized till when the finished project can be watched on the big screen. These young filmmakers are mentored and tutored by this professional filmmakers and at the end of the day, there become professionals.

NI: How can sponsors and stakeholders be part of it?

Emma: UUC Nigeria gives stakeholders and Sponsors an opportunity to impact on these ones by endorsing and sponsoring projects pertaining to the program.

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