Hakeem Effect: The man behind the Changing Narrative of Make-up in NOLLYWOOD.

Most times when we talk about Filmmaking, the audience often see the finished work and never get to see what happens behind the Scene. The hands that perform the magic. The brains that come together in an ensemble act, to create the magic we often savour.

Most times the audience only knows the actors, and maybe the directors and producers. A lot don’t know that behind these people that are quite popular are the make-up artists who do tremendously well.

In this our special edition of special feature we bring to you an award winning make-up artist with a fulfilling and unique gift.

Oniligbo Hakeem is an “effect make-up artist” with desire to create images that are relatively real. He has moved from just trying to make it look real to actually making it real. His efforts in helping Directors in the act of storytelling is impeccable. Currently in Nigeria, he is a preferred choice once it has to do with effects. Some people say his works are scary and daring at the same time. He practically performs magic with his hands. More so, what is important however is Hakeem’s passion for what he does and his humility. His attempt to raise the bar at all times. His efforts in thriving in an industry that is less celebrated than others. The quest to contain eventualities, his rigorous research and improvement after each work. His marketing ability is also commendable, little wonder he has more fellowers than some so called “star” actors.

He recently showed off in his Instagram page some of these “human parts” obviously fake but are part of his trick magic to tease the audience emotion. Hakeem has grown in recent times to become an integral part of all kinds of storytelling that requires accurate physical transformation.

Hakeem Effect won Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award for Best Make-up artist in 2016 and 2017.

He has been blazing the trail since his emergency into the scene and has done great for himself, his brand and most importantly to the entire Nollywood Industry.

Below are a few of his tricks and transformation works.

He has led a revolution in the make up industry and posterity will forever remember him for his beautiful innovations.

We will have an exclusive Chat with him someday so as to open him up more to the world, but in the meantime, let us celebrate this hardworking genius.

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