Hello, Rain: CJ Obasi is at it again

Nollywood is obviously blessed with both the “daring” and the “normal”. While some prefer to just sit and watch or just make normal films that can only appeal to already established audiences, some others are taking it to a whole new level.

One of such Filmmakers who doesn’t enjoy being boxed into a trend is CJ Obasi often referred to as The Fiery One.

The multiple award winning director has in time past made what could be seeing as “unusual” films is obviously writing his name in the sand of time. His Works right from Ojuju, then O’Town have all given the audience and those who follow him a different taste from every day pot of soup many other directors make. One will not be wrong to refer to him as the next biggest thing with his avan-garde style.

His latest work Hello, Rain is no different from his audacious moves. What gives him the impetus to create a different narrative is what one is yet to decipher. But one thing is certain, he is definitely going to make the least of renowned Filmmakers in this continent if he keeps at it. The recent work is based on Nnedi Okorafor’s Hello, Moto. The official posters of this work has just been released by the Filmmaker and interestingly it is an afrocentric concept told with a mixture of “juju” and technology. It is looking great already and if only the cinema owners in Nigeria will allow such light to shine by giving such talent a favourable play time, other Filmmakers may just learn how to make an audacious effort like this one.

To be a distinguished filmmaker one must take the route seldom travelled by many. This is exactly the case of CJ Obasi. He is definitely one of the few directors to watch out for in 2018 in Nigeria.

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