HIGHLIGHTS FROM BB Naija season 4 – Week 1 Recap: The Games have begun

By Yetunde Adeyeri

The first week of the Big Brother season 4 was definitely dramatic. Maybe not as much as we would have liked but it was a hopeful start. So, if you haven’t been able to keep with the show, here are some highlights of what happened in the Big Brother house last week.
Avala and Osilomo Evicted!
Two housemates were evicted yesterday to the surprise of everyone. Avala and Osilomo had the lowest number of coins and this led to their eviction from the house on Sunday.
However, Omashola and Ike made the eviction list with Khafi, Avala and Osilomo after a heated argument over the theft of Omashola’s 100 Bet9ja coins that he placed in between his bible.
Biggie made the two join the eviction list for flouting his house rules.
Thelma’s unsteady haqqcent
Thelma came under a lot of social media over her unsteady accent. This season has a lot Nigerians from diaspora to the disappointment of Nigerians. So, Thelma’s fake accent was just not acceptable. Read some of the tweets below

@Salakoko “Thelma Please your english teacher died before he could teach you queens English so just be yourself.But for today I’ll talk to him.”
@Christo7548 “Thelma is half ghanian, half Ivorian but she grew up in imo. No wonder her english is as confused as where she is from.”
@Zaddy_Nomso “Thelma has to be the first human to have the Canadian-Aba accent. Like Drake that eats Okpa every morning. “
@Faymorce “Thelma! First of Her name! Haqccent fluctator! Breaker of Queens English!

Head of House Jeff
Big Brother asked the housemates to get to know each other and pick a Head of House. Jeff was voted to be the Head of House after he won by seven votes.
He will be the head of the house for the week until a new head will be selected later this week.

Frodd with the Veto Power to Save
Housemate, Frodd, emerged winner of the ‘Veto Power Game of Chance’ during the game show on Sunday.
According to Big Brother, the Veto Power Game of Chance is a game that will be played every Sunday night in the house among the housemates.
The winner of the game gets the ability to save and replace a nominated housemate even if they are the ones that have been nominated.frodd-big-brother-2019
We might as well mention that this housemate broke down on Tuesday night when he shared how was at a low point in his life before he got the call for the next round of auditions from Big Brother organizers.

The Fish Fight
Tacha and Thelma had a fight over fish allocation.
Tacha was said to have cooked and shared the food among her fellow housemate, then gave Thelma a small portion of the fish. Which did not sit well with Thelma and both ladies almost engaged in a brawl.
It lasted a while though with just insults. Luckily they didn’t get a strike from Biggie.

Omashola’s Diary Session
Omashola is definitely gathering quite a number of fans all over the internet. His jovial and unfiltered personality made him endearing in a house full of foreign Nigerians but his diary session with Biggie also achieved a lot.omashola-big-brother-naija-2019
His session was interesting as he was literally gisting with Biggie when he complained about his cool housemates were not giving him enough drama.

Finally, Osilomo’s Prediction
The former H.R expert was actually in good spirits despite her eviction on Sunday. When Host, Ebuka asked her who she predicted would win, she said she hoped it would be Omashola. And later added that if it wasn’t him, then it should Tacha.isilomo-big-brother-naija-2019

So, that’s the first week. Not a lot of drama but we still have 11 weeks to go. Let’s hope it gets more interesting and that we get to see more of the housemates outside their comfort zone.

Meanwhile, what do you think of the Big Brother Host, Ebuka’s Outfit to the eviction show last night?

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