“I am Sweet in Bed” – Nollywood Comic Actor, Mr. Ibu Bragged about his bedroom skills

Nollywood comic actor, John Okafor, well known as Mr Ibu has bragged about his sexual activeness in an interview with newsman.
During the interview, he revealed that he is sweet in bed and can satisfy any woman.

He said: “persistence and the spirit of sportsmanship has kept me on.
Aside that, I’m also sweet in bed. I am good and very proud of myself. Try me and you will be amazed. I deliver very well. I can drive women crazy.
People keep asking the secret of my good looks, but the fact remains that I don’t take alcohol or sugary drinks, I don’t smoke, I also don’t take carbohydrates. I live on vegetables and smoothies.
All these keep me going and looking very healthy.”

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