It’s Her Day made my Day

Hello my darlings! It’s a new year and I expect that we are all basking in good health. And so that’s how I carried myself to the cinema sometime last week to see a particular movie that I have been waiting to see (won’t name names, so I don’t spoil things for us), only to realize that it wasn’t showing in the particular cinema I visited. Ah! You can imagine my disappointment. Then again, I thought am here already, all that money I spent getting here can’t be in vein. I looked through the schedule and opted for this movie, so let’s see how that went.


The comic movie centres on the lives of a couple with very divergent pedigree, family back ground , upbringing and thought patterns, who are about to tie the knots. The groom is willing to do everything to give the bride the fairy tale wedding she has always dreamt of, but to what extent is he willing to go really? The movie stars Bovi Ugboma, Shaffy Bello, Amanda Ebeye, Adunni Ade, Omoni Oboli, Gregory Ojefua, Ini-Dima Okojie, Femi Durojaiye and a host of others. It is produced by Bovi Ugboma and directed by Aniedi Anwah.Now to the business proper: I enjoyed the fact that this movie had a simple and realistic story, one that a good number of young Nigerians can relate to because my darlings, the hustle is real. The length people go to impress their fellow humans in this day and time is quite alarming and that’s the hubris of the character of Victor in the movie. The story was very accommodating and easy to fly with. Bearing in mind that comedy is one of the hardest genres of movie to create, this is a very great attempt at it. They did their best to clean up their acts. The character played by Shaffy Bello was my high point in the movie, the grace and manner in which she spoke and carried herself was totally enveloping. I practically waited for her scenes throughout the movie. Bovi, being who he is, did not disappoint either; he brought his ‘A’ game in the most relaxed format. Adunni Ade’s character was refreshing as well and the collection of pretty girls in this movie sha..ah!

But I couldn’t help but notice the abrupt ends of the scenes, it was neither smooth nor subtle. Came across like there was always something that was being cut off and that was not nice.  I had a hug problem with the character of Aunty Fowe; she was forceful and quite mechanical. This watered down the hiked tempo other characters had worked hard to build. The plotting of the movie was kind of feeble as there were quite a lot of scenes that could have done away with and the story will remain unaltered. For instance, the scene of the traditional wedding: there was a huge wardrobe malfunction and the fact the director, costumier and editor still let us see it baffles me. I still and will always insist, until Nigerian film makers’ start paying attention to tiny details such as this, our journey to being the number one film industry will be slower. It’s tacky and distracting. And of course, the cheesy ending..*rolling my eyes*.  I heard someone say in the cinema,’ I just knew that will happen’ and am like duh!! Thought I was being hyper critical.

Please, there’s something I really need to know: is it not the same lapel microphones we use here that the folks over there use? How come we get to see them shabbily worn on the actors here and hardily even noticed them in foreign movies? I don’t mean to compare and I am not being particular with this movie because I have seen it happen in a lot of recent movies; I just don’t think it’s that difficult, probably can be sorted with camera angles. But hey, what do I know? Am just saying, what is worth doing is worth doing well. We will get there, slowly but surely.

All in all, it was a decent experience. At least, I didn’t walk out of the cinema with a long face and yes, I didn’t waste my transport fare (in this recession) lol. I can assure you guys that this movie is worth your time and money.

I give it 6/10.

Well done Bovi.

-By Chynwendu Nwosu


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