Kate Henshaw slayed at the ‘4th Republic’ Movie Premiere and she turns out to be the Political Heroine in the film

Ishaya Bako’s new movie ‘4th Republic’, in theaters all over Nigeria on 12 April, portrays a new kind of woman heroine—one who doesn’t scream, doesn’t squirm, and definitely doesn’t need a man to save her.


Her name is Mabel King played by Kate Henshaw, the Africa Movie Academy Award winner. The actress’s performance in 4th Republic is convincing, like everything she does, but it’s more than that: It’s a powerful portrait of a Nigerian woman in a fictional Conference State who contests for a gubernatorial seat, looses—survives the threats of the incumbent Governor Idris Sani (Sani Mu’azu) and motivates women on how to fight back on their own without having to bribe.

4th Republic like a portrait of Nigeria’s current political situation comes with a quick succession of scenes that led up to the shocking denouement. It has good subtext that engages a viewer’s mind to think, be sad and at the same time laugh at some of the comic dialogues.


King moves through the movie with a firm sense of purpose. When the men in her political circle advise her to bribe her way in winning the electoral tribunal, King says: “I will never bribe anyone for anything.”

Also, when her personal aide’s brother is arrested by EFCC, she refuses to call people who can help but advises the right way to help is to follow due process.


Standing up for the truth and fighting for justice makes ugly situations disappear. Also helps to eliminate corruption.


Facing your fears is difficult, but it’s necessary for survival, both in movies and real life, where the fight is just as scary.

Political movies, like other movie genre, often end with a fine line between the protagonist and the antagonist. To defeat the villain, characters become upright for good to win over bad.


But King, who appears upright, soils her hands. She initially agrees secretly with Sikiru to rig Ikonu polling unit where many persons are killed, including Sikiru by the opposition.


Strength, patience, resilience, empathy: These are all traits King has in 4th republic and they’re what we need to fight the monsters in our own lives.


Mabel King is leading a new path in politics, one that shows female characters conquering fears in their life once and for all.

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