Mercy Aigbe May Take her designer and Stylist to Court Over her 40th birthday Dress Fuss

Nollywood Diva Mercy Aigbe has been in the news for some time now after a bride in Edo state took to social media to accuse her designer Rikaotobyme of giving the same dress made for her wedding reception to the actress for her 40th birthday photoshoot. Meanwhile the designer has taken to Instagram to explain that there was a mix up in the transaction as both the bride and Mercy requested for same dress and same design. Below is the post by the designer to clear the air. Meanwhile Mercy Aigbe having been subjected to a lot of dishing from social media warlords is considering taking the case up. The actress took to her Instagram page to bare her mind and said she is still consulting with her lawyers on the next line of action. Below is a screenshot of her position on the whole matter. She said it was entirely the fault of her Stylist whom she hired and paid and took pity on how the bride must have felt from the whole saga We look forward to what the actress will do next. The dress has generated a lot of buzz since the actress released photos she took with it to mark her 40th birthday. While fans and lovers are gushing over the dress, those who don’t fancy the perceived shortchange of the bride by the actor’s designer are rather calling her out.

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