Nancy Nsime: I joined Nollywood by Accident

Nollywood star Nancy Isime has revealed how she came into Nollywood by accident.
The star said she started as a model and never dreamt of becoming an actress.

She said; “Coming into Nollywood was not something I planned. I was modeling and doing beauty pageants and from there I just stumbled on acting after someone advised me to give it a shot, which I did and it worked out and from there it just kept growing. It was Galaxy’s TV’s ” Echoes” a television series that ran for one year”.

The star of “Disguise” movie said, interpreting her role in “Disguise”.
“I rehearsed everyday and asked questions from guys around me, and of course my director, Aghata Amata was awesome. I am one of my biggest critics. Funny enough, watching the movie, I felt I did not do enough so I don’t really think I killed it. I will leave that for viewers to judge”.

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