Nigerian Movie Directors are willing slaves – Sunday Nnajiude

According to a frontline movie director Sunday Nnajiude “Nigeria has a thriving motion picture industry. It is the desire of a good percentage of the youths to venture into movie making. These they can do in areas of producing, directing, acting, wardrobe/costume designs, property acquisition and management, make-up artist, production assistant, location scouts and management, set designing, catering, transportation etc”.

He went further to state that “of all the careers listed above, the film director is considered the most technical personal on a film production set. He must start the job and finish same. He is responsible for a every single shot of clips taken. If he rest while on set, every action of shoots will also rest.

While the director is the most technical worker on a film production set, he is the least paid in Nigeria motion picture industry. It is a reality that many will not want to admit. A good percentage of Nigeria movie directors are hungry. Some can’t even afford to pay their house rents talk more of making investment to secure their future yet they are busy making movies all days of the week”.

Sunday revealed that “in Nigeria, some actors engage in multiple jobs running simultaneously and these actors are paid about a 1000% of the directors’ fees. While the director takes home about a $500 for a job that takes all his time while the job lasts, the actor can take home about $10,000 for same period if he is engaged in multiple jobs running simultaneously”.

The question is; why is the Nigeria motion picture director considered unique? To answer this question one has to look at multiple factors but whichever angle you look at, you can only come to the conclusion that these are willing slaves.

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