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Ten Interesting Nigerian Webseries To Lighten Up Your Weekend

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Web series have been making waves for the past few years. Web series are short episodes of movies aired on the internet. Most people find it hard to keep with television series but web series are always available online. Also when you don’t feel like going out to the cinemas, you can enjoy the best of movie drama from the comfort of your couch.
Weekends are the best time to catch up on these web series. So for your watching pleasure, I have compiled a list of ten web series for you to check out this weekend.
1. Skinny Girl In Transit
skinny girl in transit
Skinny Girl in Transit is a web series produced by Ndani TV, and as the name implies, it is a comedy about a young Nigerian woman and her efforts to lose weight.[2] In the pilot episode, Tiwalade, played by Abimbola Craig, is woken up from a pleasurable dream by her mother, played by Ngozi Nwosu. Her mum wastes no time in informing her that the Holy Spirit ministered to her and the message conveyed was that Tiwalade should lose weight, therefore furthering her hope of finding a husband. Tiwalade’s mum performs a series of dramatic gestures and makes several grand statements to emotionally blackmail Tiwalade into agreeing to lose weight. And Tiwalade, who is aware that she is overweight, thinks ‘why not, how hard could it be? However, losing weight turns out to be more strenuous than she originally assumed. In addition, Tiwalade has to deal with a mother who is like a dog with a bone, a sister, played by Sharon Ooja, who is pretty, slim and shallow, and a love-life that is less than appealing.

2. This Is It
this is it cover photo
This Is It is a Nigerian romantic drama television series that ran for two seasons from September 2016 until November 2017. The series began airing on the YouTube channel of its creator, LowlaDee, but was later acquired by television networks across Africa. The story revolves around a newly married couple and the challenges they face while coming to terms of their newly attained status.
Tee, 27 is a Kenyan-Nigerian software developer, who recently got married to Dede, 23. As an inexperienced couple, they face challenges in trying to conform with friends, families and themselves on the present realities of new married status. The final episode aired in November 2017, featuring marital experiences of young couples in the real world.

3. Husbands Of Lagos
husbands of lagos
Husbands of Lagos is a Nigerian television series produced by ROK Studios and directed by Kabat E. Egbon. The series, which debuted on December 1, 2015, tells the story of seven men living in Lagos and the women in their lives.
The diverse cast list made this series stand out. It is impossible not to have a favorite and the progression and pace of the movie will make you binge-watch it all at once. It is available for stream watching on Irokotv.

4. MTV Shuga Naija
mtv shuga naija
The sixth series of Shuga returned to Nigeria and premiered on March 7, 2018. Set against the backdrop of a bustling Lagos metropolis, where we see the northern and southern communities blended together. In this new season, we meet a host of new characters dealing with coming of age drama. Friendships are tested, relationships reach risky heights, and secrets threaten to break family ties. Starring: Timini Egubson reprising his role from previous seasons as Toby. Sharon Ezeamaka, Jemima Osunde, Rahama Sadau, Adebukola Oladipupo, Abayomi Alvin with a cameo performance from YCEE.

5. Our Best Friend’s Wedding
“Our Best Friend’s Wedding” is a romantic dramedy about a young man who panics and buys an engagement ring on a whim. He recruits his two female best friends to help him go through a list of potential candidates and sets off a series of events that leads to a wedding. It already has two seasons and airs on REdtv.

6. Everything In Between
everything in between
Everything In Between” tells the stories of three young professionals; Emma Okoye, Dayna Elliot and Demola Ogunjimi and their struggles to conform to what is considered the norm in the Nigerian society. Emma, Dayna and Demola face similar challenges and are judged by family and society based on who they are and who they love. Everything In Between explores issues of sacrifice, love, sexuality, pressure on women to get married and the need to either live your life or conform to society’s expectation. It airs on TIERs Nigeria channel on Youtube.

7. 5ive
It tells a story about the relationship that exists among five friends and the day to day challenges they face. The lives of these five people are connected in a very interesting and dramatic way. It airs on 5ivetvseries channel on youtube.

8. Men’s Club
mens club redtv
The Men’s Club trails the life of 4 eligible young men running through the schemes of love, betrayal and friendship, channeling their inner voices and forging the path for lives that they want in Lagos.
Its also production from Redtv and has two seasons.

9. 360 with Abby
360 with abby adenike adebayo webseries
“360 With Abby” brings you up, close and personal with the life of an epileptic vlogger, Abiona, who is caught between accepting love and fate or giving up entirely on love. She, however, does not find this decision easy to make as she struggles through the shortcomings, stigmatization, and sadness that comes with her condition.
Despite the love shown by her mother and best friend, and numerous attempts to move on from all that saddens her, Abby consistently meets a destiny she runs from on every path she takes to avoid it.

10. Inspector K
inspector k webseries
Inspector K is a crime comedy, which follows the adventures of an inspector who uses the wackiest and most unconventional ways to solve crimes in Lagos. With the support of two ditsy, yet surprisingly intelligent police officers, he manages to solve these crimes.

An Extra
Aiyetoro Town
aiyetoro town jenifa diaries spinoff webseries
‘Aiyetoro Town’ is a spinoff from ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ which has been serenading Funke Akindele’s fans on YouTube since June 2019 and it’s hilarious.
Having lived in Edinburgh and experienced civilization, the Baale of Aiyetoro village, played by Femi Branch, takes on the journey to upgrade Aiyetoro to a town as well as it’s occupants without altering its traditional heritage, customs, and traditions. The antics and activities of Jenifa’s brother, his friends, Laide and other youths in the town become all the Baale and other chiefs had to worry about.

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