The Bling Lagosians: An Interesting But Basic Movie

By Yetunde Adeyeri

“The Bling Lagosians” is a movie directed by Bolanle Austen-Peters. Kudos on her successful directional debut. It was produced by Tolu Awoniyi and Joseph Umoibom. It features top acts from the industry like Gbenga Titiloye, Elvina Ibru, Toyin Abraham, Dunni Fernandez, Tana Adelana, Osas Ighodaro Ajibade, Joyce Akabogu, Alexx Ekubo, Denola Grey, Mawuyon Ogun, Sharon Ooja, Ayoola Ayolola, Aiyeola Bisola, Monalisa Chinda, ‘Brother Shaggy’ Samuel Animashaun, , Nobert Young and others.
The movie follows an upper-class Lagos family-The The Holloways. The family business is deep in debt even though they still try to live in their glory. They soon discover their friend’s real colors when the going got tough and the Asset Management Corporation threatening to foreclose on ST. IVES, because of the family’s excessive lifestyle. A lifestyle they could barely afford but they still couldn’t help themselves as they had a reputation to live up to.
The production of this movie is commendable particularly the picture and lighting of the movie. The sound edit was a bit subpar though but it was a delight to watch those scenes play out.
I enjoyed the concept because it focused on how trivial things were compared to the bigger picture. For all their money and affluence, the couple didn’t understand that they had no true friends. Even while they struggled to keep appearance and salvage what was left of their reputation, it was still a losing battle.
The daughters were also going through their personal life problems which seemed kind of detached from the movie but still definitely interesting.
Now let me lighten this up. It wasn’t that deep. Honestly.

The movie was well-paced. The costume styling was on point. I felt the bling in this movie. From the cars to the artworks to the parties, they went all out on this one.
There was humor. oh the laughs would make you shed a tear. It made it really interesting and entertaining. Comedic acts from Broda Shaggi, Helen Paul and Toyin Aimaku. Even Denola Grey gave a specular delivery. I have to commend Alex Ekubo on his role. He delivered the exaggerated Igbo movie marketer and producer proficiently.
But not so entertaining that we would ignore the loopholes in the story.
However, the moral lesson of the story was lost with ending. The matriarch did not deserve that party. She did not deserve to be celebrated at the end of the story. She also contributed to the downfall of the company and intentionally withheld the salary of her workers. In addition, it was like there was no point to the whole movie when the last thing out of her mouth was “the 1% of the 1%”
the-bling-lagosians-cast-photoWe should have seen what eventually happened with Akin Holloway. Akin building from scratch. Tokunbo with her ‘fund-less’ movie and her marketer love interest, Demidun with her broken marriage and Mopelola showing some character growth. But instead, we saw her family come together at the last minute to throw her a lavish fifty-first party in a few hours.
I did not have a high expectation but the plot of this movie still fell below standards. It was predictable and lacking a wow factor. While I enjoyed the comedy and the awesome soundtracks (the Brymo soundtrack was really apt), I feel the script could have been better written for the high budget movie it is.
How about we started making more movies that would be unforgettable? And please o, did they later pay the salaries of their domestic staff abeg?

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