Three Reasons why you have to see “Love Birds” Movie

We hardly recommend movies these days to our teeming readers, because it’s difficult to see one film that has all the potentials in the Cinema in Nigeria. We noticed recently that it’s either a film has a beautiful story, but lacks production Value, or that it has both but parades actors that are not just whack but bizarre in their interpretation.

The case is different with the soon to be released Romantic Comedy, Love Birds produced and directed by one of Nollywood’s foremost and long standing directors, Amb. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, with Jim Iyke and Stella Damasus making a terrific comeback alongside Joseph Benjamin and host of other great talents.

We present to you three reasons why you can count on the movie. An insider who was at the private screening for the press reported that the movie has all the needed ingredients that a movie should have when going to the Big Screen in Nigeria.

Below are the three reasons as reported by an insider.

1. Beautiful Story

The story happened in our house in United States of America. It was beautifully wove together, and intelligently told that you could hardly predict what will happen next. The comedy is classic and can actually referred to as Comedy as against the Slapsticks most of us are forced to watch in the cinema. You will enjoy the story as it will make you laugh, smile, and giggle at the same time. We will not let the cat out of the bag, but for real, Love Birds is on its own class. You can’t point to more than two movies in Nigeria cinema that have the kind of great romantic story mixed with enough situations that can make you laugh. Just make sure you see it when it is out in the cinema.

2. High Production Value

The picture quality and sound are top notch. You can hardly impress the cinema audience these days without having great picture quality. However, having beautiful pictures without cinematicaly telling the story is balderdash. In this film, we can proudly say that Lancelot, told the story well using great shots, movements, and directions that just will keep you glued till the end.

3. Great Acting

Everyone has a single story about Jim Iyke and what he can do in movies, but his acting in this film will change that perspective. Stella Damasus was such a delight to watch, and Joseph Benjamin didn’t disappoint at all. Even the new introductions and other talents that herald the film gave their very best. To watch them interpret such beautiful story and do that with so much ease is one thing lacking in many of our films.

With these three reasons, you will be assured that you will laugh, you will be truly entertained, and of course be assured that you will get the value for your money.

It is opening nationwide from April 13th 2018 but the world premiere is in Benin on the 6th of April. Do yourself a favour and see the movie.

The End.

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