We Need to make Nollywood more exciting than Hollywood – Belinda Effah

Nollywood star Belinda Effah who won the most promising act of the year award at the Africa Movie Academy Awards has called on Nigerians to show their support to Nollywood movies just as they did to Hollywood fantasy movie Black Panther.

According to her, the industry in Nigeria is trying hard everyday with the production of quality movies and Nigerians need to show their support so the Industry can grow better.

In her words, she said ; “I pray peeps will support Nollywood movies like they do Wakanda. No bias, I love the movie. Then again how do we grow when we don’t support our own, constant bad mouthing.

Whatever Nollywood means to you, good or bad, we need your support. Let’s not wait for Hollywood to make Nollywood significant, plus we aslo need the support of institutions. Just saying”.

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