maureen celebrates her birthday

What Maureen Esisi Wants Us To Know On Her 32nd Birthday

By Vivian Eze

The wife of the Fine Nigerian actor Blossom Chukwujekwu, marks her 32nd birthday today, and a part of her message to her followers on her Instagram page was that she will spill her own part of her crashed marriage.
Say a Little Prayer for me as I #SpillTheRealDeaL Later Today #TurnOnYourNotification #StayTunned

Not forgetting that the marriage of both Maureen Esisi and Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu has been reported to have crashed some weeks ago leaving fans with speculations on what led to the sudden scandal between this two love birds.
maureen nd blossom
Recently it was rumoured that the actor is back to his ex girlfriend but his wife Maureen has refused to address this ever since. But today we expect her words on this as she promises to ”spill the real deal”.
These words made many followers hungry to know what she has to say only for her to give us the greatest shock by advertising her new business to us…uuurrrggghhh…Is this the real deal?
maureen celebrates her birthday

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