Mabel Makun, The Wife Of Comedian AY Comes Out Tough In a Post To Tackle Nigerian Hospitals

By Vivian Eze

Following an incident that happened just recently at Igando General Hospital in Lagos of how a doctor refused to treat a child that made the aunt of the child raise an alarm.
The lady in question wrote “We’re used to shouting “the government this, the government that”, yet our mind is worse, my sister rushed my nephew to a hospital at Igando. After being delayed for 3 hours, she (my sister) begins to shout and complain and then gets into an argument with one of the doctors (the one in a navy blue native), he then decides not to answer my sister and tells her her child won’t be attended to till the next day. What sort of doctor is he? So because you had an argument with the mother, a child has to suffer for it? Was that the oath you took to save lives? I mean where are we heading to in this country?”
Just after this incident, the wife of the famous Nigerian artist AY and the CEO of Midas Interiors, Mabel Makun has taken to social media how badly she was treated in hospital in Lekki Lagos.
mabel makun
She wrote;
”Too bad. Had same expereience with a well known Hospital in Lekki. They said I must make payment before treatment and immediately i did. I got an alert, they gave me a receipt at the reception for treatment, I got upstairs for treatment and was refused treatment because they said my payment was only reflecting downstairs but not their system upstairs. Guess what? I was in mad pain in my chest. I had to leave for another hospital. A lot of hospitals in Nigeria needs to be shut down, most doctors in Nigeria do not value human lives.”
Similar experiences or otherwise has happened in one way or the other to everyone. She therefore attests that some hospitals be shut down as they are not keeping their oath of saving lives.

Other celebrities are surely coming to react to this issue soon. Lets wait and see.
mabel makun

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