A Look At The Fillmmaker Who Revolutionized The Nollywood Drama – Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun

By Yetunde Adeyeri

lanelot imaseun

Lancelot Oduwa Imaseun is dogged achiever in the art of film making and his professional exploits have left a landmark in the industry. His style of movie direction set a standard. In an era of uniformity, he refused to conform and instead went to create movies that some other directors may have termed as a risk but turned out to be huge successes.

Lancelot Imaseun was born on 21 July 1971 (age 48), Benin City, Nigeria. He is a movie director, producer, and screenwriter. This filmmaker has been in the industry since 199 and has been making movies for over 24 years.

lanelot imaseun

The Nollywood pacesetter started his movie career in Benin with the now-defunct Bendel Broadcasting Service in a variety of roles: actor, radio presenter, voice-over artist and lots more. As he puts it: “I have never done any other thing (job).
“From secondary school, I was acting, after which I continued acting, even before going to the university to study Theatre Arts.
“In fact, I was already a household name in my state, Edo State, prior to being split in into Edo, and Delta States.”

The young Lancelot, who moved to Lagos in 1994 in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece, made his first movie in 1995 and has quite a number of movies to his credit, the last of which was Invasion 1897 that has been nominated for several awards at various film festivals.

Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen was born on July 21, 1971, in Benin City, Nigeria. He is a director and producer, known for ABCs of Death 2 (2014), Home in Exile (2010) and Invasion 1897 (2014).
lanelot imaseulanelot imaseunn

His films feature unexplored aspects of the African experience including tribalism, witchcraft, crime, poverty, religion, and folk beliefs. In 2008 a Canadian documentary Nollywood Babylon co-directed by Ben Addelman and Samir Mallal, and produced by AM Pictures and the National Film Board of Canada in association with the Documentary Channel, followed Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen while he was shooting his 157th film Bent Arrows. The documentary played in the Official Competition at the Sundance Film Festival on January 2009. Bent Arrows was released into the Nigerian home market in 2010.

lanelot imaseun. and his family

Lancelot got married 12 years ago at the age of 36 to his lovely wife Aimua Lancelot Imaseun. They are blessed with three daughters.
lanelot imaseun. and his family

Lancelot has never shied from airing his opinions. In 2018, During an interview with Vanguard, the filmmaker said that he doesn’t expect any Nollywood star to criticize the industry. He also said that some A-List actors currently feel too big for the industry which made them who they are years ago. Imasuen mentioned some popular actors who have received ‘fame and fortune’ from Nollywood and should, in turn, give back to the industry.
lanelot imaseun
Last month, he had an interview with Punch Sunday Scoop where he said that 97% of Nollywood movies do not make a profit. Read the full article here https://punchng.com/97-per-cent-of-nollywood-movies-dont-make-profit-lancelot-imaseun/ He said “Quote me anywhere, 97.9 percent of films don’t make money. It is just mostly about pure razzmatazz. It is the survival of the fittest or the most cunning. Needless to say, the industry needs to be structured. “

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