Mama and Papa Godspower

Lasisi Elenu Comedy Series – Mama and Papa Godspower

About Lasisi Elenu’s comedy Web Series – Mama and Papa Godspower.


Lasisi Elenu Comedy Series Mama and Papa Godspower

Popular Comedian and MC, Nosa Afolabi (AKA Lasisi Elenu) is bringing a delicious looking Web Series to the online space. The Web Series titled ‘Mama and Papa Godspower’ is scheduled to air later in 2020.

Lasisi Elenu used his social media platforms to announce the move and how excited he is to finally working on a Comedy TV Series and even more exciting is to have come up with this with actress Nonso Kalongo.

Lasisi has been known for his hilarious skits and unbelievably accurate impressions. He’s literally done everything and this series is even more. popularized the catchy name – ‘Sinzu Money’ for his Yahoo boy character which he does with so much precision.

Produced by Lasisi Elenu, the Comedy Series ‘Mama and Papa Godspower’ features a family of four – a man (Lasisi Elenu), his wife Ecquitus (Nonso Kalango) and his two children Godspower and Quality (Olamide Afolabi and Balogun Bashiru)

Earlier in the year, social media went crazy with the Yahoo boys impression that they even began to speculate that he was actually one.

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After weeks of a graphics design contest with N50,000 (Fifty Thousand Naira) and the adoption of the art as the official cover of the comedy series.

The result of the contest is this–


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