ABUJA FILM ACADEMY is collaborating with DIRECTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA for Filmmaking to Entrepreneurship Master Class in Lagos and Abuja

Abuja Film Academy in partnership with Directors Guild of Nigeria will be hosting a Master Class in Lagos and Abuja in March.

According to the organisers, Abuja Film Academy, this workshop is tagged Filmmaking to Entrepreneurship (Acting and Filmmaking Master Class). The essence is to teach participants how not to just break through into the industry but sustain relevance over the years.

According to them “This Master Class is one week intensive workshop to be hosted by Abuja Film Academy in partnership with DIRECTORS’ GUILD OF NIGERIA, (DGN) the umbrella body housing the entire Film and Television Directors in Nigeria and OKIKE MEDIA, a production company based in Lagos.

The Workshop will feature:

1. SEGUN ARINZE (Actor/Director)

2. FRED AMATA (Actor/Director, and the President of DGN)

3. UCHE AGBO (Writer/Director and the National Secretary of DGN)

Many more Directors and Actors will also be handy to teach practical lessons on how not just to break into the industry but to sustain relevance.

Time of each day and Venue will be communicated soon.

The fee is Ten Thousand Naira Only (#10, 000) payable before the take of date into:

Account Number: 5600297181

Account Name: OKIKE MEDIA

Fidelity Bank.

After payment, participants are to send their name as they will want it to appear on the certificate.

Highlights of what is to be taught:

1. Social Media and the actor (How to stop going to audition and start getting roles using your social media)

2. Acting for film (Transition from theatre to Film)

3. Scene Study

4. Audition Techniques and the importance of prep.

5. Business of Acting and the essential tools

6. Learn about different ways actors can find work in the industry

7. Voice Exercises and Screen Movements

8. Branding. (How to brand yourself as a paid actor or filmmaker)


1. Being recommended to Directors and Producers within the Guilds.

2. Get Call back for productions with ABUJA FILM ACADEMY, Okike Media

3. Learn first hand from veterans how they got to the apex in the industry and remained relevant after decades.

4. A film will be made at the end of the workshop with participants.

NOTE: Limited Spaces Available. Register now before it gets sold out. The Masters’ Class workshop is 80% practical and 20% theoretical.

FOR MORE INFO: Call or Whatsapp us: +2348166551992 or call 07081301400

This message is from ABUJA FILM ACADEMY. We are a practical oriented film school with the sole aim of harnessing talents. We engage the best of industry professionals in different areas of film making to share their experiences to all enthusiastic film students that pass through our different courses. Our instructors are men and women of proven track records, with long standing achievements in the film industry, both from within and outside the country. We are strategically located in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja; the heart of Nigeria in West Africa.

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