ACTORS GUILD OF NIGERIA: Peace Convention and the way forward

The year 2017 is looking like it will end well for members of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) after a prolonged fight of different factions of the guild. Over the years, the guild has continued to nose dive into a somewhat dangerous zone. It has depreciated to the point that every dick and harry lays claim to the leadership of the guild, and this has led many others who aren’t in the high echelon of the game to lash into the rather discordant tunes of the guild to milk unsuspecting young and upcoming actors dry.

The two major factions that were in war for a long while were Emeka Ike and Ibinabo Fiberesima The case has been on and off the Law Court. However, after many interventions from all quarters, what seem like a solution was hugely agreed to by majority. This lead to Enugu Peace Convention that produced Emeka Rollas as the new National President.

While I will not want to over emphasize the core issues that have turned the once beautiful bride into a beast, it is important to mention a few. These are corruption and ego. The quest to control the common wealth isn’t only found in the mainstream of Nigeria politics, it is also evident in Nollywood. At the apex of this corruption is Actors Guild of Nigeria. New Members are registering daily with over Twenty Thousand Naira in some chapters and more in many other chapters. This money is hardly accounted for. On the other hand is the issue of ego. Nollywood, and indeed the entire industry is full of ego laden fellows. They delight in making the industry embark on retrogressive journey rather than a progress one. They are so interested in personal aggrandizement rather than collective wealth. They are the cankerworms eating deep into the very essence of the industry.

For AGN to make progress as their slogan suggests, they need to capitalize on the Peace Convention and the executive it produced. Emeka Rollas as the new leader must unify the guild at all cost. The guild must also do intra-cleansing. The National body must intervene in state chapters and purge the states of corrupt officials. The leadership must focus on improving the welfare of the actors, not necessarily the A-Listers but the upcoming actor on the street of Lagos, Enugu, Kano, and indeed all over Nigeria, who has not just only being abused but stripped of every fibre of zealousness due to acidic conditions he or she has found him/herself.

To be continued…

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