Actors Guild of Nigeria Signs Health MoU for members

Actors Guild of Nigeria Signs Health MoU for members

The Actors Guild of Nigeria has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ativo Nigeria Ltd, managers of QuickRaiz Funds to help raise Fifty Million Naira for Actors who are down with any ailment and are seriously in need of funds.

In the past year, ailing actors/actresses and their families have been noted for scouting all over the media, pleading to fans and well-wishers for financial assistance to treat one ailment or the other. Emeka Rollas, President of the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria seeks to make this a thing of the past as the Actor’s Guild of Nigeria Signs the health MoU for its members.

This is done to complement the AGN’s deal signed with MediCard Health Services as the official HMO of the Guild. With this deal, each and every member of the Guild would have access to over 600 Hospitals Nationwide for all their medical and health needs (drugs and treatment too)

In addition to Actor’s Guild of Nigeria Health MoU with Ativo and HMO, Guild members can have access to Medical tourism overseas for a Kidney transplant and surgery, discount purchases on food items, Automatic Car Insurance at zero cost and so much more.

This really is a relief to many members of the actors guild and concerned artists who have been questioning what support these guilds are giving to members who are in need of medical help.

However, it is important, Emeka Rollas says, for the AGN to clear the backlog of veteran actors who are seriously down and in need to medical assistance before getting this up and running to prevent further complications in the future.

Commenting on this move by the AGN, Emeka Rollas recommends that all actors and actresses, especially members of the guild should consider this opportunity seriously so as to secure health insurance.

According to Rollas “Ativo Nigeria Ltd is a subsidiary of Electronic Payplus Limited, they are highly credible in the business of raising quick funds via its vast network with financial institutions and multinational companies.”

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