Ada karl laments

Actress Ada Karl and Why Nigerians Enjoy The News of Broken Marriages Than Wedding days.

By Vivian Eze

”My dear naija ppl! Why do you celebrate ppl’s crashed marriages than you celebrate their wedding days? God hates it when you mock ppl in crisis”. Actress Ada Karl otherwise called Ada Slim is on social media exclaiming. Nigerians mostly enjoy listening to news of failed marriages and pay less concern about wedding days.

It is now obvious that most Nigerians pay less interest on celebrating with couples on their wedding days but are patiently waiting to hear that the marriage is already broken.
This is a common issue among celebrities. Nigerians now live with the notion that every celebrity’s marriage that’s looking beautiful now would one day crash and that is what everyone awaits to hear.

Ada Karl is now here to say that this is very bad and warns that God hates people that mock others when they face challenges…We should always celebrate them and shun news of crisis in marriages.
Ada karl laments
Even though she was not specific, but her post obviously is as a result of the recent crisis and crash of marriages among Nigerian celebrities.

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