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Ada Ameh: Read tributes from Nollywood stars after her sudden demise

Netizens are yet to recover from the shock of the sudden demise of Ada Ameh. The popular Nollywood actor, fondly known for her comic characters especially in the Johnsons, suddenly slumped yesterday after having a fun meeting with her friends. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, she passed on before arrival.

Since her demise, Netizens including celebrities, influencers and her colleagues have reacted, most of them expressing shock and recounting the great memories they had of her.

Nancy Isime said,

‘My heart is so heavy, I don’t even know what to say… RIP Ada Ameh, I’ll miss you so much’

Kate Henshaw: From the days of Domitilla….till you passed on… you remained true to who you were…. RIP Ada Ameh

Renowned influencer, Saskay also had something to say;

I met this woman once on set and she was so sweet like she had known me before. All I could think of was the grief she was experiencing… this is really sad. Rest well Ada Ameh

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian respiratory therapist revealed that her death coincided with the death of her only child.

‘Ada Ameh died the day her only child died…. She is in a better place now. She is resting now.’

Influencer and digital campaigner for the APC Bashir Ahmad also remarked,

‘She was one of the finest in the Nigeria’s prolific film industry. I watch the Johnsons a lot because of her. May she rest in peace’.

Ada Ameh had lost six of her siblings earlier on. In 2020, she lost her only daughter. On several occasions including her IG videos, she spoke about how she was battling severe mental depression due to the tragic losses.

May her soul rest in peace.

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