AMVCA 2020 NOMINATIONS – Thorn | Short Film Category | Review

‘Violence never settles Violence’ is an underlying message in Bola Akanbi’s Thorn. Here’s a film review.

Thorn AMVCA 2020 Nomination
In partnership with Accelerate TV, Thorn discusses Domestic Violence, secures place in Africa Magic AMVCA 2020 NOMINATION for Best Short film Category.

NollywoodInsider gives the Thorn Short Film a review.
Tony (Sambasa Nzeribe) returns home to over hear an intense quarrel going on in his neighbour’s room. It’s all too familiar to him so he cannot shove it aside, he knocks on the door the first time and the beating stops. The neighbour appears at the door irritated, in a singlet, with red stains that Tony believes is the blood of the wife. The neighbour slams the door on him,
Tony is unable to bear it any longer. He bangs on the door again and immediately the neighbour opens, he meets a heavy blow. They get into a fight and when the Neighbour blurts out bastard, Tony relieves the moments his own father abused his mother and called him Bastard. Tony loses control and kills his Neighbour only to discover all the screaming he had been hearing was coming from the loud television and the couple were celebrating their anniversary with wine that spilled on the man’s singlet. He was wrong but his PTSD got the best of him. The film ends with the caption – ‘Say No To Domestic Violence’ (and do make sure it’s domestic violence first)

The directing is questionable though. The unnecessities at the beginning felt like they were being used to buy screen time like classic Nollywood films. The fight between Tony and his neighbour could have been properly choreographed leading up to an accidental death. In further criticism, why would the couple turn the volume of their TV with such chaotic screaming when they seem to have been having dinner and marking their anniversary. – make sure it is Domestic Violence before you say a killing NO to it!
All in all, the film is worth its nomination for the AMVCA 2020 Short film category. Bola Akanbi is brilliant in his creations and this one hits deep with its message.

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