Asaba Filmmakers shinning the Light: Don, Emeka GF and other Young and Great

Once again our spotlight beams at Asaba the den of guerrilla Filmmaking in Nigeria. We will be looking at Five Young Filmmakers doing great at Asaba. These men are shinning the Light by leading somewhat an evolution in Filmmaking both technically and artistically. They have been able to develop a trade mark, that is akin to the environment they found themselves. They also belong to the class that seldom have their voices heard in the bigger space of NOLLYWOOD yet you can’t take away the fact that they are doing great with their works.

#5 Armani J. Armani

Ikpe John Armani otherwise known as Armani J. Armani has consciously built a brand for himself in Asaba having been mentored by the man he often refer to as Father, Ugezu J. Ugezu. One could still see a bit of Ugezu’s signature in this young man’s works but it does not take away the fact that he is one of the most sort after director in Asaba. He is currently the zonal secretary of Directors Guild of Nigeria (South Central Zone). He is one of the young men at Asaba currently driving the city’s Filmmaking revolution. He has worked on several film projects and had even had fair chances to work on projects outside Asaba. He is surely one of the persons to look out for in 2018 as he is carefully building a good profile.

#2 Nonso Ekene Okonkwo

Nonso is both a writer and a director with many film credits. He is one of those few you will think is as old as Nollywood because of many of his titles in the public. He is however young and daring. A man of his own. He is surely one of the young and great at Asaba with an opportunity to develop even further beyond what he is currently. A wordsmith and a director with an eye for perfection. This University of Nigeria graduate speaks with precision and the volume of his knowledge of the art is amazing. Ekene wil definitely soar higher as he has shown that he is a great director.

#3 Austin Nnaemeka

Soundmind is what he goes by, a music producer turned director. He attended Del-York International film workshop, a Stephanie Okereke Linus and New York Film Academy collaboration in Nigeria. After the experience, SoundMind has never remained in one level. He has climbed from one ladder of success to another. He is definitely one of the young men at Asaba that is doing great. He has directed some films that made it to the top chart in CD/DVD Market. He has also made couple of films that made wave on various online platforms and television. Austin is one director that doesn’t like haphazard process. He believes that a lot can be achieved with little. His resilience and courage has earned him a spot on the young and great by Nollywood Insider. He is a brilliant person and very talented. We are looking forward to his works in 2018 as he continues to soar high beyond his contemporaries.

#2 Emeka Nnakihe

Emeka GF as he is fondly called is a passionate Filmmaker. A director with as many blockbusters as you can imagine. He is young but doing great works and we don’t have any iota of doubt that he will break into the big screen someday. Emeka is known for his creative writing and directorial prowess. He has built a profile that many of his contemporaries are dreaming of. Emeka will go at any length to make his works professionally done. He is definitely an icon in making. He’s young and great. He is one of the few young and daring directors that have established their names at Asaba and of course he is both the producers’ or Marketers’ and actors’ delight.

#1 Don Single Ndubuisi

Don Single is a hit maker. Year after year, Don Single has made films that sold out in the market. This Abia State born Filmmaker grew up in Aba where he nurtured his vision. Today, Don Single Ndubuisi is surely one of the young and great directors shinning the Light at Asaba. He has traversed many states in South Eastern Nigeria telling great stories in filmic medium. Don, does not only groom actors, he is also passionate in walking them through the process of character interpretation, little wander his actors are always on top of their games. He has shown great sense of commitment to his art and has also deep understanding of his craft with many of his works. He is a dedicated young and great director domiciled at Asaba. He has directed almost all the big names in the Nollywood who are actors and has continued to do so with great panache.

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