romatic scammer movie

Australian Actress Nash Baskerville Tells A Real Nigerian Story In A Movie That Brings Yemi Blaq And Racheal Oniga Back To Our Screens

By Vivian Eze

romatic scammer movie
Australian actress Nash Baskerville has written a film that tells the experiences the australians and whites face generally in the hands of scammers especially in Nigeria.
She wrote the movie titled ”Romantic Scammers”, sent it to the Nigerian Police Force and it was approved. She produced the film and was the lead actress in the movie alongside Emmanuel Igwe as the lead actor.
Her idea basically was to prove to the world that Nigerians are not generally scammers, there are actually lovely ones you could work with.
”Romantic Scammer movie premiere in Channel TV with Nash Baskerville Chief Executive Officer , Emnash Proprietary Limited. Romantic Scammer movie depicts how scammers extort vulnerable people from western countries in the name of love and how general public in Nigeria do not like these scammers and trying to eradicate this. Romantic Scammer will be in cinemas from 18 October 2019”.
The film was shot with various scenes in Nigerian locations and others in Australia.
The wow part about this movie is that, it featured some of Nigerian veteran actors such as Yemi Blaq and Racheal Oniga. With these two in this film, you could know what to expect.
The movie tells one of Nigerians most expensive issues and suggests ways it could be expelled.
Nash Baskerville said;
“The reason behind the movie is to expose scammers and as well inform the world that Nigerians are not all scammers but only some bad ones. The first time I came to Nigeria, I saw people I found out that Nigerians are lovely people. We read and see several incidents of scams in the name of love back in Australia but we also found out that not all Nigerians are scammers. We approached the Nigerian police for support and after reading the script, they loved the story and supported us in shooting the film,”

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Speech by Nash Baskerville, Chief Executive Officer, Emnash Proprietary Limited at the end of the screening of the movie ' Romantic Scammer' in Lagos, Nigeria. Romantic Scammer is a world class movie featuring Nash Baskerville, Emmanuel Igwe, Yemi Blaq, Rachel Oniga, Clem Aigbor and many more national and international cast and crew. Produced by Emnash Proprietary Limited, distributed by Pinnacles film distribution, Directed by Clem Aigbor, Story and Screenplay by Nash Baskerville, Edited by Agu Nonso Black. Movie will be showing in cinemas in Nigeria from 18 October 2019. The movie is based on true life story of international crime of scamming in the name of love which leaves an Australian lady Jessica emotionally and financially devastated while Scammer fund their lavish lifestyle through her money. Movie is an eye opener for all and will educate people not to fall victim of Romantic scamming for male or female which is one of the biggest problem in today's world. Together we all can eradicate Romantic scamming. A must see movie please do not miss it.

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