Batman Actor, Robert Pattinson Is Shocked When He Realizes He Has Had A Masturbation Scene In Four Movies

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Robert Pattinson is set to play Bruce Wayne in the new Batman movie. The 33-year-old Twilight actor recalled the “ferocious masturbation scene” he did for his new movie The Lighthouse during an interview with The New York Times published Thursday.

“It’s always nice to do something massive for your opening shot, and I went really massive on the first take,” he told the publication, noting the scene was actually the first one he shot. “It was a 180 from everything we’d done in rehearsal, and I could see [director] Robert [Eggers] a little in shock afterward. But I was like, ‘O.K., cool, I didn’t get told to stop, so I’ll keep going in that direction.’ As soon as I’d done that, it was like the road started getting paved.”

This wasn’t the first time the celebrity had done this kind of scene.

“I keep masturbating,” he said during a recent interview with Variety. “In the last three or four movies, I’ve got a masturbation scene. I did it in High Life. I did it in Damsel. And The Devil All the Time. I only realized when I did it the fourth time.”

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