In a book written by Beyonce Giselle Knowles’ Father titled “Racism; from the eye of a black child”, he expatiates on the subconscious after effect of racism experienced in America.He said that as a young man he chose to date only white / fair skinned women. He also said that the first time he met Beyonce’s mom he thought that she was white and that was why he married her.It is a shame that as modern day African society, we till give room to such segregate. Why would a black man insist on solely wanting to only date or marry a woman who is light skinned? There isn’t a problem with having preferences based on your taste in physique of a lady, but it is currently stretched to the extent of back-lashing a woman simply because the color of her skin isn’t appealing to you.
We well know that African women, even naturally light skinned women cannot be as lighten skinned as the British, Native Americans, and Asian etc. African-Americans that are light skinned most times have a parent/descendant from different races. Due to prejudice,most black women all over the world tend to bleach their skin at all cost in order to fit in and impress their men.There are cases where productive, result oriented and intelligent dark skinned women are exempted, ignored or not given the opportunity to showcase their talent and skills because their skin color isn’t physically or socially appealing.
What is Skin Bleaching?
This is the practice of using chemical substances (often harsh), mixtures or treatment to physically lighten one’s skin tone. The primary chemical component used in production of skin bleaching product is Hydroquinone, which decreases the formation of Melanin in the skin. Some of the products are prescribed as drugs and they do have side effects. Some bleaching cream are made in Nigeria .They advertise their so called skincare products on social media platforms ,conduct trainings and teach interested women on how to mix, produce and sell ; if any decide to monetize the knowledge. The act of skin lightening goes beyond the physical effect. It can be detrimental to one’s physiological and mental health. Being dark skinned is a major cause of emotional insecurity. Skin Bleaching products are most popular in Nigeria; the likes of CARO WHITE , CLEARASIL and so on. The notion that women who are lighter skin are more beautiful are beauty standards projected to influence our attitudes and opinions about people ,thereby creating room for favoritism. The funny thing about all this is that, most people that seek to measure beauty based on skin color are equally dark skinned, so whom are we deceiving. Greatness isn’t hidden in the color of one’s skin but in intent of our heart and our values we uphold.

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