Best Ten Websites To Download Nollywood Movies For Free

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Nollywood is rated one of the best in the world, taking second place after Bollywood (India). As one of the biggest industries in the world, over 10,000 movies produced each year. And just about 10 percent of these movies make it to the cinemas. And since not everyone gets to see them in cinemas, there are some websites where you can download some Nollywood movies for free.

As a big fan of movies myself, I’ve compiled the list of top ten (10) website in Nigeria where internet users can download movies of their choice for free, I mean F R E E!!!. While some of the sites allow you to watch and download for free others just allow you to download movies of all genres, from the action, comedies, adventure, drama, etc.

1. Net Naija
Nett Naija is one of the most accessible sites for movies. It is a reservoir of news and movie from different parts of the world. It does have a rich content of Nollywood movies. There are many movies on this site with many genres. You can also read the latest news on this platform.
The good news is that the content of this website is free and available to all visitors.
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2. Iroko TV App
Iroko TV has been nicknamed the Netflix of Africa. With the Iroko TV App, you can download thousands of Nollywood movies to any of your devices. Although it does require a monthly subscription, it is money well spent. Their library of Nollywood movies is quite extensive.

3. Naij is one of the top news and gist sites in Nigeria. It has a monthly audience of over 6 million people which spread across many African Countries. It also houses a movie channel where you can find many interesting and thrilling movies. It is actually one of the best sites to download Nollywood movies.
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4. Naija Pals
Naijapals gives you access to many full-length movies that you can click to play online or chose to download. There are many movies on this site with many genres.
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5. RealnollyTV
RealnollyTV Brings you the best of Nollywood Movies, for both free and premium access to download interesting Nigerian films. You can easily access Nigerian movies on this platform for easy download or make a special request for your favorite movie on the site. You will have to register and log in to the site for free to have access to all these amazing opportunities.
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6. Ibaka TV:
This platform has over 15000 hours of movies and TV content which you can stream or download whenever you want. Its mobile app is available on iOS and Andriod.

7. Tvnolly
TVNolly is one of the top online video streaming site showcasing the best of Nigerian and African movies at large. The site offers free and paid On-demand movie streaming services to Nollywood lovers all over the world.
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8. Nollyland
Nollyland is one of Africa’s premier world-class movie platforms. NollyLand provides features such as Video Streaming and downloading, it has amazing Timeline Thumbnails to easily jump to any scene in a movie, and intuitive Searching and Categorization. You can watch and download as many Nollywood, Ghanian, and other African movies as you want
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9. Buzz Nigeria is a news and entertainment website that collects the most recent Nollywood movies and popular movies for you to watch and download online.
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10. Codedwap distributes a lot of good movie content that you can find easily and stream online. You can download or stream Nollywood movies, music videos, and audios easily on this platform.
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