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Dolby Audio Webinar: Multichoice Talent Factory and Dolby Partnership

‘Content Creators will learn the magic of using DOLBY technology in storytelling’ – Multichoice + Dolby Audio Webinar

This is the goal of DOLBY technologies and the Multichoice Talent Factory webinar. The two media giants have collaborated to open another learning channel – Dolby Audio Webinar

Previously, Multichoice launched it’s online Masterclasses on producing for TV and they are insighhtful.

Sound is an important part of story telling that many times cannot be overlooked. It is a challenge that many Nollywood filmmakers battle with. Bad sound leads to a terrible production.

Hence, this Dolby and Multichoice collaboration sets to provide a remedy to this. Whether it is in making film, mixing sound or utilizing next generations sound equipment.

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“The series of webinars covers a range of topics such Sound for video editors, Setting-Up a 5.1 Session & Mix environment, Dolby Atmos Content Creation and other sound engineering topics.” A press release said.

Multichoice understands the importance of sound in the telling of visual stories even as a leading video entertainment platform.

“This partnership with Dolby” Multichoice believes “will benefit storytellers across the continent and support the growth of the homegrown entertainment industry”

Here’s how it will work;

“The first of 8 webinars will go live every Thursday, starting on the 16th April 2020 from 13:00 – 14:00 CAT. The first session focuses on Script Analysis & Planning for 5.1 Productions and is one of four webinars geared towards all content creators whilst the other four webinars are more technical and tailor-made for mix engineers, video editors and system integrator”

The Dolby Audio webinar series will be made available on the portal the day after the live session, so log on to to keep learning

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