Emeka Rollas defends Senator Abbo and AGN decision

Emeka-Rollas-Defends-AbboThe president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, has defended the appointment of Senator Abbo as National Patron of the Guild.

Senator Abbo Ishaku honored as National Patron for Actors Guild of Nigeria

After being called out by many actors and actresses of the industry including Kate Henshaw and Hilda Dokubo. After they made strong statements calling out the AGN President Emeka Rollas.

An Abuser of women as Patron? Hilda Dokubo, Kate Henshaw and others react to Senator Abbo Appointment as AGN Patron | Video

He has come out to say that those who are bashing the decision are not actual members of the Guild and more so, since the Senator has come out to apologise for his actions, it shouldn’t be brought uo anymore.

In a one on one interview with Plus TV, the President is recorded saying

‘people should just go and sit down, there is no point sentimentalizing issues to drive home a point’

When asked if Hilda Dokubo and Kate Henshaw are members of the Guild, Emeka Rollas says ‘I will have to check the list… being a star is different from being a member’

He encourages those who have/had grieviances to put it in writing or talk with him on the phone.

He crowns his message by saying that decisions of the guild are not made on social media and those who wished to Express grievances should have come in person.

In response, Kate Henshaw tweets:

She further goes ahead to accuse the guild of accepting a tip of 1000usd for the appointment.

See a clip of the interview below.





– Kay Ugwuzor

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