After Eniola Badmus was dragged for demanding 150k for giveaway, she keeps getting strange credit alerts.

What do you think of Eniola Badmus’ reaction to the allegations?

Eniola BadmusAccording to reports this past Wednesday, Eniola Badmus was dragged to the social media court after a series of screenshots leaked where she demanded a sum of 150k as payment before she does a 500k giveaway.

The good-willed sponsor slid into the actresses DM. They made their agreements on how the funds would be distributed to her fans/Nigerians badly affected by the lockdown.

After that, Eniola Badmus went on to declare that she would be charging N150,000 to use her page for the giveaway. This caused the sponsor to pull away and take his funds with him.

Eniola Demands 150k for 500k Giveaway
Eniola Demands 150k for 500k Giveaway
Eniola Demands 150k for 500k Giveaway

Was this too much? Was the Boss Lady wrong to demand any sort of payment?

In her defense, the actress took to her Instagram page on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 to explain. She stated that she wasn’t trying to discourage people but she is a businesswoman and there was no way she wouldn’t have discussed her fee.

She added that the individual is already enjoying the fame as she tagged him as a sponsor for the giveaway which she later did.

Yet, in a funny twist, the actress has notified the social media space that since her account number was exposed in the scuffle, she has been receiving strange alerts, the latest one was for 1 Million Naira!!

Now, tell us, was Eniola Badmus out of order for demanding payment to do publicity and giveaway for the good Samaritan?

Let us know what you think.

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