Excitement as Nigerians Look forward to “Trapped”

By Yetunde Adeyeri

The trailer of “Trapped” was released recently and I have to say, even based on the short clip I watched, that this movie is going to be a blockbuster.

It follows the life of a young woman who grew up in a family where she witnessed domestic violence. She became emotionally traumatized from seeing her father beat her mother even more as she grew older that she signs off love and commitment of any kind. Because of this resolution, she finds herself amongst a gang of women who are also against marriage although they go to the extreme to ensure that none of them gets shackled down by any man. trapped-nollywood-movie

She meets a young man who is determined to win her over and with the support of her parents, he manages to propose to her.
This results in a rollercoaster of rash actions from her gang who finds this young man’s proposal a threat.
These actions result in quite a lot of repercussions that affect her life forever.
Will she loose out of love? What happens to her parents? What happens to her love interest?
All these questions and more will be answered in this movie.
Produced by the brilliant Anthony Orugu and directed by the exceptional Eazzy Ologe Godspower.
This movie features:
IK Ogbonna
Haillie Sumney
Keppy Ekpenyong
Uzuchukwu Vincent Anozie
Angel Emeka
This is a movie filled with drama, love, trauma, and pain. All raw and real emotions make the story relatable and interesting. The acting was top notch and the production was well above average. It’s astounding that this is the first movie from the filmmaker Anthony Orugu. What a way to debut and make a place for himself in the Industry.

We join the millions of Nigerians looking forward to this movie with our feet tapping in rhythm to each second that goes by.

“Trapped” is coming soon…

Watch the trailer

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