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There has been an uprising on social media over who might be a better actor between Olu Jacob and Pete Edochie. Both Veteran actors have their uniqueness in character delivery and shouldn’t be compared. The likes of Pete Edochie and Olu Jacobs first went through the hurdles of film production at the time the business wasn’t as favorable as it is now.No two individuals can completely take each other’s place, and there aren’t bases for comparison.
However, fans seem not to understand this. In this regard, I will share information about these great actors.
Oludotun Baiyewu Jacobs; professionally known as Olu Jacob is an internationally acclaimed Nigerian actor and film executive. He has starred in several British television series, international and local movies. He schooled at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, England. He is happily married to his sweetheart and Nollywood screen Diva, Joke Silva and blessed with 2 sons.
Olu Jacob has graced our screen for more than 4decades. He is one of Nigeria’s most respected actors. Uncle Olu Jacob as he is fondly called by his younger colleagues in the industry paved a successful path for actors in the entertainment industry.
77 years old Olu Jacob was born on 11 July 1942 in Ogun State. He spent his childhood in Kano state. He started his acting career at a young age when we was a member of the debate and drama society at Holy Trinity School where he got his secondary education, thereafter traveled to England to study Art at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He has starred in foreign movies and featured in TV shows like; Till death do us part, Barlow at large, The Goodies in the ’70s and Secret of the lost legend in the ’80s.
Olu Jacob and his wife Joke Silva are one of the most adorable and most celebrated Nollywood couples. They both co-own The Lufodu Academy of Performing Arts; a training school for new artistes.

On the otherhand, Chief Pete Edochie is also considered one of Africa’s most talented actors. He is a reputable name in the Nigerian movie industry. Pete Edochie is from the Igbo ethnic group, an indigen of Anambra state. He was born in Enugu State, Nigeria. He has his primary and secondary school education in Zaria. No wonder he spoke fluently in Genevieve’s Nnaji’s movie ‘Lionheart’.He is popularly known for the character (Okonkwo) he played in the television series ‘Things fall Apart’. Pete Edochie worked in the Nigerian Railway Cooperation. He later went further to study Journalism in the school of Journalism and Television in England. He joined the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (ENBC) in 1967 where he trained formally as a broadcaster, started off as a junior program assistant, after which he elevated to the level of a director. He is happily married, although his wife isn’t a Nollywood star, two of his sons are popular actors; Yul Edochie and Linc Edochie.
He also has another member of his family who is also a known female actress, in the person of Rita Edochie. She is a sister-in-law to Pete Edochie, married to his elder brother Tony Edochie.

Pete Edochie says he has phobia for flying. This is as a result of an experience he had the day he flew from Algeria in 1978 for The ALL AFRICAN GAMES. He said one of the engines of the plane packed up and the plane became very hot inside. He said people were worried and feared for their lives. What surprised him was that a man sitting next to him brought out a magazine filled with naked pictures of women. He said to himself if wanted to save them, for the sake of that man he won’t. He later then told God that if he saves him he will never fly again, and after a few times, he stopped and never flew again.

The movie industry is open to criticism, but it isn’t logical to condemn or compare both actors. Both actors are accomplished and commendable actors. They both may have their flaws when it concerns delivery on set but no one is perfect. There are characters some people might prefer on-screen than others. It is all a matter of preference. They are hardworking actors and grand pioneers, that have set up the framework by which young actors work with till date.


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