Four Nollywood Female Actors that would have played the Four Female Superheroes in the movie “Black Panther”

The movie Black Panther is the new buzz now in the cinema across all Black Nations. The movie is a one of a kind Superheroes story about Africa. Beautifully told by Marvel Studios. Currently, it has been selling out and we thought it would be nice to show you four Nollywood Female Actors that can match the cast used in this epic film. It’s definitely a tall dream but it will be a great deal to see big Hollywood Studio telling African Story one day with Nollywood all stars.

1. Ramonda

Ramonda is the queen mother of Wakanda. The wife of the late king and the mother of the Prince, the heir to the throne. His son eventually was crowned. The role was played by Angela Bassett

We thought one person from Nollywood would have killed the character. Guess who?

There you have it. We believe Patience Ozokwor also known as Mama Gee would have done well if she was also given a chance.

So, for us, it is Patience Ozokwor in place of Angela Bassett

2. Nakia

Nakia was played by Lupita Nyong’o. The character is in love with the Prince and finally the new King of Wakanda, she is also a spy for Wakanda. She obviously did great with the character. Lupita’s rising profile is not in doubt.

However, we feel if given a chance, a Nollywood Actor with same stature can deliver same level of performance. She is none other than…?

There you have it… GENEVIVE NNAJI

We believe Genevive Nnaji would have also delivered a high flying performance if given same opportunity. So for us, in Nollywood, Genevive would have perfectly played the role of Nakia.

3. Okoye

Danai Gurira played the role of Okoye, one of the strongest warriors of Wakanda. She stole our heart with her high level performance. Every bit of her appearance was a sight to behold.

However in Nollywood we believe we have a proper replacement. Guess who?

Funke Akindele

Obviously Funke Akindele would have also given us a spectacular performance to glory in. She is a good match for the role of Okoye. She has almost same physique.

There you have it. Funke Akindele for Danai Gurira.

4. Shuri

Princess Shuri is the Head of technological development of Wakanda. The younger sister to the New King. The role was played by Letitia Wright. She is such a genius. She was awesome and delivered very well. She is young, energetic, futuristic, daring, caring and fearless.

However we believe we have a perfect Nollywood replacement both in performance and smartness.

For us coming from Nollywood, Omowunmi Dada would have killed the role as well.

So head to head, we will root for Omowunmi Dada against Letitia Wright.

There you have them. The Four Nollywood ladies that would have played the Four Female Superheroes in the movie Black Panther.

Share your thoughts in the comment section, let’s know your own opinion.

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  1. patience Ozokor ke for that role? never! If you had picked a Clarion Chukwurah then you would have been RIGHT.
    Genevieve for Nakia role sure but a Funky Akindele for the Okoye role is a miscast!
    Omowunmi as against Letitia Wright can cut for me in anyway instead Shalewa’s friend (I can’t remember her name now) on @Tinsel who doubles as model and Obiora’s(bar guy’s love interest) girlfriend fits the bill better.
    Casting for tv/film is an art itself and very critical please

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