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Has Documentary Films So Far Expressed The African Experience Enough?

By Vivian Eze

doc film
Africans have not yet tapped the maximum capacity of recounting on their own stories using the documentary film medium.
Expressing, Communicating and recording the African experience, extending from the chronicled to the cultural and social substances, stays an under-investigated minefield. The raw materials to express these encounters are very inert yet there gives off an impression of being a greater amount of an enthusiasm for dealing with the fictional and narrative.

The incongruity is that any roads for amending the pictures of Africa and protecting it from the harms it has caused over the earlier hundreds of years could really lie in the field of narrative film work. Documentary by its inclination isn’t fiction; it describes and distillates past, current conditions and conceivably even predicts future events. It is relevant to comprehend that the harms, which the African picture has acquired, came basically through documentary movies delivered by early European documentary producers.
Documentary films do not always lend themselves to commercialisation as easily as the fictional and narrative.
doc film

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