Have You Noticed The Trend Of Remade Nollywood Movies? Lets Take A Walk Through Some Sequels

By Vivian Eze
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Generally, when making a motion picture, producers separate a content, make a timetable, make sense of who they have to enlist, make a financial limit, collect the cash, procure freelances, pay the freelances, make the film and afterward sell it – In this old model, before non-prejudicial VOD conveyance, making a motion picture resembled the lottery.
Not many producers at any point offered thought to the promoting and possible offers of the film. They simply made the film, ventured to every part of the world and film markets and sought after the best.
Sometime in the past making a feature lenght fim was increasingly costly. The market had less challenge. Physical video outlets were increasingly plentiful. Celebrations were developing in mass. What’s more, merchants were less fussy.
In any case, presently, anyone with a camera can make a gorgeous motion picture. That doesn’t mean everyone can make a decent film – however it means that more item in the commercial center, joined with diminished appropriation outlets makes over the top stock.
Nollywood before is not known for sequels but in the recent years, there has been a list of movies that were remade and each sequel got a huge success. Amongst these few Nollywood movies that were remade are;
One is Omoni Oboli “Wives on Strike: The Revolution,” a sequel to her 2016 “Wives on Strike” movie.”Wives on Strike is a gift that keeps giving,” Omoni Oboli said about her sequel.
“There is more story to tell, so we wanted to take the opportunity to tell it,” MO Abudu said about “The Wedding Party 2.” a sequel to ‘The Wedding Party’which proved a critical and box office hit — grossing over 400 million naira to become the highest grossing Nollywood movie which made the making of a sequel inevitable.
Another is “Mr and Mrs: Chapter 2,” a sequel to the critically acclaimed 2012 movie “Mr and Mrs.” And then comes the Ramson Nouah’s anticipated “Living in Bondage” remake. While we fear that a sequel could desecrate several childhood memories o the former, it has to be done for the culture and industry. It is one classic that is apt for a contemporary interpretation. Although most sequels are usually compared to the original but nevertheless, they still come out successful.

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