How to begin an Acting Career in Nollywood in 2020

‘Hello, I want to be an actor but I don’t know where to start’ – Anonymous

Those are the kind of messages we get on Nollywood Insider and today we answer; These Nollywood Insider tips will guide you on how to begin a career in Nollywood in 2020 especially when you don’t have anyone and know anything.


You may think the Nollywood industry is already filled up with a cabal of actors when major productions seem to be using similar people. It’s like there is a circle that they operate and if you are not in that circle, you can’t go anywhere.

People do all sorts of things to get Inside Nollywood – many actresses have slept with directors on their way to the top. Some have paid for roles and many other shady businesses. While some have gotten to the top with sheer hardwork and calculated moves.

If you are an actor or actress looking for how to start off and get into the Nollywood Industry. Here’s how.

  1. Get in front of the Camera

An actor’s place is in front of the camera. You must find your way there. Be open to camera roles whether it is a skit or street vox pop. Aside from the money, you probably want to be an actor because of the fame. Well, any publicity is good publicity (not every time though). When you get in front of a camera you will know how it feels and who knows, someone might just love to see your face there.

  1. Start where you aregenevieve-nnaji-throwback-2

Do you see your favourite Nollywood actors and actresses upload pictures of really old Nollywood movies they were in? It is funny because it is a far cry from where they are now but It proves that they started with what they had. Ugly as it was then.

That is where you too need to start. If your friend is doing a small production or there is a low budget film you got into, celebrate it like it is your biggest because you don’t know who will see it and pick you for something bigger.

  1. Go for auditions

Omotola picture

Omotola was discovered when she followed her friend to an audition in 1995. Reginald Ebere’s Venom of Justice. Ini Edo was discovered by a producer in the audition she attended and several others.

Two things will happen at an audition – either you get picked or you don’t. Both will still work out fine. If you get in, even as an extra, you get to meet the big stars you think they’ve picked, might even have some screen time with them and get to hangout, who knows what else. And even if you don’t, the audition is a social ground for all kinds of acting talent and a great place to make connections. Some have gone for auditions didn’t get in but met people that introduced them to bigger productions. Don’t be among the people who say ‘they already have who they want to use, they just want extras’ or ‘auditions are not for me, I don’t like auditions’.

  1. Apply, register or attend film festivals and masterclasses

Nigerian Film Festivals are good places to meet with serious minded practitioners. There’s one in nearly all state in Nigeria. Checkout a list of Nigerian___ there, you can meet with great filmmakers and make a impression. That’s how you get into the circle. By meeting people in the ‘circle’

Here are: Nigerian Film festivals to attend in 2020 for Emerging Filmmakers and there are also Masterclasses you can attend.

  1. Follow people in your field

Stay up-to date your favourite Nollywood actors and actresses. Follow NollywoodInsider on Instagram. Become intimate with them. You will know what they are up to, projects they are working on and interact with them on things that will help your career.

  1. Watch great movies

If you watch good acting, you would know how to act better. From now on, you can’t just watch Nollywood movies for the laughs and tears. Learn how your Nollywood actors and actresses do their work, it will help you stay in tune with the business of acting.

See: Nollywood Movies Coming Soon to Look Out For

  1. Make your own movies and act in it.

Funke Akindele grew her fame by producing ‘Jenifa’s Diary’ where she was the lead character. Genevieve Nnaji produced Lionheart. Several other Nollywood actors and actresses have kicked off their great careers by making their own movies. You too can do the same.

How to sell your Movie Script In Nollywood in 2020

  1. Have an actor’s portfolio

It will be very helpful if you have a collection of things you have done that people can look at. Check: What is an actor’s portfolio and why is it important?

  1. Find a mentor

In your journey to get into the Nollywood industry, it is always helpful to have someone to look up to and someone who can put your through it all. This would help you stay ahead of the game. Find this person and don’t be afraid to reach out to him or her.

  1. Grow your followers

A huge Nollywood Insider secret is that many producers are looking for people to promote their content for them. That explains why some Nollywood movies feature the same crop of actors – because they know that people will watch the film because of a particular person. It’s business. You see it in Many of the highest grossing movies Nigeria – Merry Men (2018), Wedding Party (2018), Sugar Rush (2020) and so on. Growing your followership will not only give you more fans but it is good for business.


If you are looking for how to begin a career in Nollywood in 2020 then you need to start today and start doing something.

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