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How to sell your Movie Script In Nollywood in 2020


Dear Nollywood Screenwriter, Have you written several wonderful scripts and you are wondering why you haven’t sold any yet? Here are 5 tips on How to sell your movie script in Nollywood.

  • Make it well written

A badly written script might be flung out of the window faster than it can even get on a producer’s table. Keep to the right script format. It looks appealing on first sight. Avoid writing with Microsoft Word or your phone (unless you are an EXPERT)

  • Make it commercial

Telling your story out of passion is great but if you want to make money from it, learn to tailor that script for commercial success. Research themes, setting, language and characters to correspond with happening trends. It isn’t that hard, is it?

Take a look at the Highest grossing movies of the Decade

  •  Make it Cost friendly

I know you have all that gbas gbos in your head and you really want to see it on screen. But until you can rake in millions, focus on story than too much stunts. Producers spend less money for fear of making it back.

  •  Reach out

Your script is not going to profit anything if it is sitting idly in your laptop or phone gathering dust. You have to reach out to people and succinctly tell them what your story is about. Yes, check the dictionary for ‘Succinct’

  •  Make your own films

If you want to start making money from writing, people Need to KNOW you write. Making short films will give you the exposure you need. You should also try to show them at film festivals See Link:

Nigerian Film festivals to attend in 2020 for Emerging Filmmakers

Keep to these simple principles and you are in for big business when the time comes. Nollywood needs more writers. You may be the one we are waiting for.

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