“I Am Beauty, You Are The Beholder”,- Fans Blast Yemi Alade

By Vivian Eze

Fans have been reacting to a photo shared by celebrity singer Yemi Alade after she made some very controversial posts along with it. The singer described herself as beauty itself and called all her fans beholders.

Her post was taken seriously because of the strong words that she used when describing herself as beauty personified. Although many fans celebrate the singer for her music style and voice, they felt that she went too far to describe herself as beauty.
Others felt insulted that their icon Yemi Alade saw them as just spectators or beholders and nothing more when their support had aided her current status.
Yemi Alade made the post specifically in reaction to the top 20 Youtube videos views of the decade in which her video was among them.
Fans were disappointed that instead of appreciating them for their support the singer was praising her self describing herself as beautiful and her fans as mere beholders.

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