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‘I don’t Like What I Hate” crooner Williams Uchemba and five other Nollywood Actors Who Started Out As Child Actors In The Industry

By Yetunde Adeyeri

Over the years, the Nollywood industry has been graced by talented child actors. These actors as they grew older and pursued their acting passion even as adults.

These are five actors that started out as child actors but are now making waves in the industry as adults. Most of these guys are bolding taking the industry by storm.

1. Williams Uchemba

William Uchemba is probably the most popular child star to have come out of Nollywood in the 90s. He was the child star everyone wanted to see and have in their movies. Williams Uchemba acting prowess was undeniable, he could make a sad scene from a movie make you actually cry.

He is now a graduate of the University Of Nigeria, famous for his comedy skits on social media and currently African Youth Representative to the UN. Mbah was one of the most sought after actors as a child. Williams Uchembah is a graduate of International Relations from the University of Nnuska, He is the CEO of Prothesis Entertainment, recently he gave out scholarship to 20 people in his school.

2. Sharon Ezeamaka

Sharon who is well known for her child roles in ‘Dear Mother’, ‘Doris My Love’ among others. Sharon also starred in a Bournvita ad as a child.

Sharon has blossomed into a beautiful and curvy young woman. She starred in MTV Shuga’s season 2 and she did not fail to interpret her role effectively. Recently she has featured in films such as the popular MTV series ‘Shuga’, ‘Burning Desire’, ‘Broken Marriage’ and many more.
A lady of multiple talents, Sharon is also a very talented designer as well as a talented singer and currently performs on Thursday and Friday nights weekly at Bogobiri House, Ikoyi with the house band.

3. Olumide Owuro

Olumide started out with his role in the comedy series ‘The Johnsons’ where he played the role of ‘Tari’ the son of Mr. Johnson.

Olumideis gradually become a television favorite and a regular celebrity face in movie roles. He has become more famous after playing the role of a teenager born with HIV in the popular MTV series “Shuga”.

4. Denrele Edun

He actuallystarted off as a child star in the 90s in the then-popular NTA children’s program ‘Kiddies Vision 101.’ He was one of the child actors from that program.

He went on to feature in the popular campus drama in the early 2000s ‘Twilight Zone’ Today Denrele has host uncountable numbers of shows on different TV networks. He is seen as one of the most influential celebrities in the country at the moment. Particularly for his eccentric fashion sense.

5. Somadina Adinma

He started acting at the age of 5 till date and we have seen him evolve in the industry.

His cuteness and dexterity have continued to earn him various roles that he never allowed that to affect his education as he was able to juggle between the two as he is now a graduate.

6. Regina Daniels

This teen actress and social media influencer started acing as a toddler is still very much around in the industry as she continues to entertain her fans.

Now married, this young woman has continued to pursue and advance her career as an adult alongside her education.

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