I Once Refused To Kiss An Actress Because Of Her Bad Breath _ Ghanian Actor David Osei

By Yetunde Adeyeri

In a recent interview, Ghanaian actor and Producer Prince David Osei discussed how the bad breath of some ladies puts his health at risk.

He narrated an encounter with an actress where he avoided a kissing scene because she had horrible breath. The ‘ladies man’ also indicated that he is very particular about such romantic scenes due to this unfortunate incident.

The Prince expressed his disappointment at ladies who cannot manage to keep fresh breath like him.

He Said,

“We are doing creative work so you can’t be smelling and get close to me, your mouth can not be smelling, for me I’ll say it. I’ll call the director aside and tell him I have a bleeding gum, no I can’t do it, it’s my health,” the actor said in a recent interview.

He added that “I did it to some girl, her mouth like manhole, it was smelling so bad. On that instance, I called the director and told him I have a bleeding gum so I can’t do it”.

Watch the full interview here

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