Iceberg Slim Offers A One-year late Apology to Juliet Ibrahim And She Responds With An Excerpt From Her Book

By Yetunde Adeyeri

juliet ibrahim on unwholesome marrriages

Juliet Ibrahim was in Accra, Ghana for the launch of her new book ‘A Toast To Life” which she claimed is about her life and lessons she has learned from her experiences over the years.

During the lunch event, the actress finally opened up on her divorce and why she left her marriage. She appealed to women to quit their ‘unwholesome marriages’

The Ghanaian actress admonished the public on not judging people who want to end their marriages as she told Citi News that hers left her in a dark place where she was miserable.

”People have had their own perception of what led to my divorce. I have sat down for many years and have had to deal with the pain and insults from the public who had no clue what I went through as a person during that period and how it affected me.

“The depression and all that happened. All I will say is you should never judge someone who wants to come out of a marriage. Because sometimes it is better to come out of it than to stay in it. For your own sanity and mental stability it us always good to take a bold decision for yourself. For your kids, if there are kids involved take a bold decision,” she said.

juliet ibrahim amd ex boyfriend iceberg slim

Meanwhile, her recent ex-boyfriend, IcebergSlim took to social media to offer an apology to her one year after their break up.
Read what he wrote here.

The actress finally responded to this apology with an excerpt from her book “A Toast To Life” chapter 7 and 12.

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