Issakaba Producer KasVid goes home as Nollywood Converge to Pay their Last Respect

Recall that we reported the unfortunate fatal accident that took Mr. Chukwuka Emelionwu on Tuesday 17th January 2018.

Well, yesterday, 22nd February, Nollywood stakeholders converge at Neni the hometown of the ace producer to pay their last respect. Their were many eulogies for the fallen hero. The fathers of Modern day Nollywood were all present, the likes of OJ Production, Annex Merchandise, Remmy Jes Productions, Hallmark, O’Gabby Innovations and many others.

According to the Director of Issakaba, one of the films that made KasVid prominent, Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen used the opportunity to call Nollywood Stakeholders to wake up and take charge again. He believes that the time has come to go back to the drawing board and get it right again.

He wrote “Today (referring to yesterday) will remain indelible in the calendar of our great nollywood as the town of Neni witnessed an unprecedented flooding of the foundational men of the Nigerian film industry. The timber and caliber of men that birthed this great industry gathered at Neni. The death of one of her own, not just anyone, but a great man who contributed immensely to the formation of Modern Nollywood made this gathering possible. The man that knew from the day one that “Heaven is real” which is the inscription in front of his house.

He continues “The crowd is immense and not all Igwes can garner such respect and crowd even in death. My God! OJ productions, Ossy Affasion, infinity merchant, Annex machandise, Louis, Coruma Mosco international, Ice productions, Sunny Collins of Great movies, My Oga Remmy jes productions, O, gabby Innovation, Amaco Productions, Elonel, Hallmark, my personal boss and Oga for life, Videofiled international. Jesus Christ! These guys were truly international. How many can I ever name? Most of these names ten to fifteen years ago in the Nigeria public space were more popular and bigger than Dangote cement. These men had the souls of Nigerians but they never knew the influence they waded, they consistently ignited public discuss. After the movie August Meeting, it became the gist everywhere, After the film Blood Money, around and at every nooks and crannies that was the discussion, and after Issakaba, every child on the street made it a song”.

He concludes “But where and how did we miss the track? Hear! Gentlemen, Kasvid died for us all to gather and reflect. Don’t let this child (Nollywood) die again. As I heard have I spoken. Wake this child up. Don’t let it die again”

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